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A bird bath often cracks due to extreme temperatures hot and cold.. Sometimes, it gets cracked when it falls to the ground and hit a solid object. Alvin Products will show you how to repair  the crack on the bird bath and reveal this is a better option than throwing this semimetal item in the trash.. Before deciding to buy a new one, here's a simple procedure that will get the structure fixed.

Tools and Materials:

  • 1 Can of Alvin Rubber in a Can
  • Cloth
  • Bucket

Step 1 - Empty Bird Bath

Empty the bird bath of any water. This can be accomplished by tilting it gently until the water gets drained. Do this before relocating it to a safer place to work on.

Step 2 - Clean the Bird Bath

Before fixing the damage, make sure to clean every surface. Thoroughly clean it. Allow it to dry.

Step 3 - Apply Alvin Rubber In A Can

Alvin Rubber in a can comes in a easy to use aerosol can. Shake well and apply to a clean dry surface. Hold the can 10-15 inches from surface for best results and spray multiple coats/layers. Applying one thick coat especially do a vertical surface will result in dripping/sagging and take longer to dry.

This product will apply a thick rubberized coating and will seep, seal and fill any crack, hole, imperfection and dry to a flexible rubber surface.

Apply Alvin Rubber in a can to any hard rigid surface. Temperature should be above 50°F.

Allow to air dry and topcoat with virtually any paint.

After each use, invert can and spray one quick burst to clear nozzle.

We urge Rubber In a Can users to test the suitability of the product for each application.


Step 4 - Reapply if Necessary

After the drying process, check the cracks to see if reapplication of glue is necessary. Usually, some parts of the crack may require reapplication.  Apply another thin coat or two over the cracks and allow to dry.

Make sure to bring the bird bath in a dry covered place when doing repairs in case it might rain. 


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