Application Instructions

Rubber In A Can Application Instructions

Alvin Rubber in a can comes in a easy to use aerosol can. Shake well and apply to a clean dry surface. Hold the can 10-15 inches from surface for best results and spray multiple coats/layers. Applying one thick coat especially do a vertical surface will result in dripping/sagging and take longer to dry.

This product will apply a thick rubberized coating and will seep, seal and fill any crack, hole, imperfection and dry to a flexible rubber surface.

Apply Alvin Rubber in a can to any hard rigid surface. Temperature should be above 50°F.

Allow to air dry and topcoat with virtually any paint.

After each use, invert can and spray one quick burst to clear nozzle.

We urge Rubber In a Can users to test the suitability of the product for each application.

Use Alvin Lab solvent for clean up.


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