Liquid Rubber Applications

Rubber in a Can Applications


Alvin Products Rubber in a can releases a new product in a ready to use aerosol can that can fix, seal and protect bird baths. Simply clean the surface, apply one or two light coats to the inside bird bath basin, allow to air dry over night, fill with water. This unique new product from Alvin Products is now available online or through local distributors.

bird bath often cracks after a period of time due to drops in temperature especially in the winter. Sometimes, it gets cracked when it falls to the ground and hit a solid object. Repairing the crack on the bird bath with Alvin's rubber in a can is a better option than throwing the expensive structure away that might have sentimental value.

Before deciding to buy a new one, here's a simple procedure that will get the structure fixed.

Apply Alvin Rubber in a can to any hard rigid surface. Temperature should be above 50°F.

Allow to air dry and topcoat with virtually any paint.

After each use, invert can and spray one quick burst to clear nozzle.


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