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Rubber in a Can Applications


Alvin Products launches Rubber In a Can with a new web site

This unique rubber spray paint comes in a handy aerosol can and can be used as a rubberized undercoating.

Rubber Paint Coating from Alvin Products solves issues against rust, corrosion, dirt, grease, oil and weather and will adhere to any metal surface. Alvin Rubber In a Can is used on auto body under coat, wheel wells, fenders and truck beds. Apply to a clean dry surface.

Rubberized Coating from Alvin Rubber In a Can is rubberized paint that applies right from the can in thin layers and will stop leaks, moisture and rust from forming. Rubber undercoating from Alvin Products is a black paintable protective coating that can be used on cars, trucks, trailers and recreational vehicles.

Remove Rust, dirt, grease and oil. Make sure the surface is bare, dry and clean. Shake the can until you hear the ball rattle. This product that contains solvent (see MSDS). Use in a well ventilated area or outdoors. Do not spray in dusty or windy conditions. Mask off all areas where you do not want Rubber in a Can to avoid overspray. Apply multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat.

Alvin Rubber in a Can - Rubberized Undercoat- adheres to fibreglass, metal surfaces and dries to a tough rubberized film. Alvin Rubberized undercoating dries quickly and will not peel or crack. Seals underbody, panels, fenders, hoods, doors, weld joints.

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