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Alvin Rubber In a can will protect metal surfaces from corrosion that will protect a  vehicles' surface. Alvin Rubber in a can can be used on other metal equipment that will seal out moisture and the environment  RUBBER IN A CAN released by Alvin Products. This new product is easy to apply. Spray metal, plastic, concrete parts and other surfaces with multiple coats until you get the thickness you need. Overnight, RUBBER IN A CAN from Alvin Productws will completely cure to a durable rubber coating/sealant. Alvin Rubber IN a can offers maximum protection against moisture, salt, dirt, and extreme temperatures. This Product can be used on cars, buses, trucks, HVAC equipment, gutters and flashings, weld joints,  as well as other exposed metal. Alvin RUBBER IN A CAN is a product that is ready to use and easy to spray. This unique product can be used as a crack filler on concrete and asphalt driveways. Apply it to roofs to patch leaks.

  • Protects metal surfaces and other equipment by sealing out moisture, winter salt residue, dirt and the damaging effects of the elements.
  • Packaged as an aerosol for easy, one-step application.
  • Also ideal for filling cracks in asphalt and concrete driveways

·         Rubberized coating/sealant –Watertight, Flexible

·         Easy to use aerosol spray can

·         Resists Moisture, seepage, leaks, weather, salt, dirt  

·         Will not crack, peel or chip in hot or cold temperatures

·         Coats, Seals, Protects, Long Lasting, Durable

·         No minimum order

·         Paintable, non-sagging formulation

·         Adheres to any metal, concrete/asphalt, rigid plastic surfaces


Uses Include; gutters, downspouts, roofs, skylights, duct work, planters,  pvc pipes, flashings, driveways, chimneys, bird baths, cars, buses, weld joints, HVAC equipment, RVs/Motor homes, fenders, underbodies, wheel wells, gas tanks, truck beds,  foundations, AC drip pans, pipes, window leaks, patios, boats, fountains, outdoor ponds, pools,

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16oz. Aerosol Can  For Product instructions, photos!

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*Test each application for suitability prior to each use

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